Lots of things happening at TruYou!

Most importantly - I found a new studio location! This has been a crazy undertaking. I really wanted to stay in Marion so that narrowed my search. I actually couldn't believe how many places were available that were just plain - UGH!

Luckily I found out about a space that I will be moving into April 1st! It's not in Marion but it will work for my clients (more of a drive for me - but c'mon - I was spoiled with my seven-block commute)!

And no - I'm not moving because I was a bad renter! The owner of this gorgeous Victorian house has decided to make it back into a residence. I'm sure it will be amazing when it's completed!

The other thing that has happened recently is I attended the Professional Photographers of Iowa Convention in Des Moines last month. I had such a great time connecting with my fellow photographers and learning from some of the best!

I also walked away with a Top Ten Photographer Award so that was a happy day! This is based on the scores of four entries in the print competition. You can see mine below!

Until next time - thanks for stopping by!

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Competition Images

  • Crimson Connection
  • Silver Seductress
  • Sourpuss
  • Winter Warmth
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