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Easy Breezy – Option A - $75* This session is for the senior who wants a fast and simple photo session. 30 minutes. One location of your choosing. One outfit. 10-15 images to choose from. Closeups and full-length. Minor touch-ups included. $200 minimum order.

Casual Country – Option B - $90* This session is for the easy-going senior who is looking for a casual photo session in a park-like setting. 60 minutes. One location of your choosing. Up to 3 outfits. 25+ images. Closeups and full-length. Minor touch-ups included. $300 minimum order.

Outdoor Urban – Option C - $90* This session is for the senior who is looking for a casual and upscale photo session in a downtown urban setting. 60 minutes. One location of your choosing. Up to 3 outfits. 25+ images. Closeups and full-length. Minor touch-ups included. $300 minimum order.

Casual/Urban Combo – Option D - $140* This is the most popular session and is a combination of Casual Country and Outdoor Urban. 2-3 hours. 2-4 locations, unlimited outfits within the 2-3 hour time frame (drive time is included). This session can be split into two different times within the same week. 40+ images. Closeups and full-length. Minor touch-ups included. $500 minimum order.

Model for a Day – Option E - $400* This session includes professional hair and makeup. The sky is the limit! 4-5 hours. This will be a fun and exciting shoot. Unlimited locations and wardrobe changes within the 4-5 hour time-frame. We’ll shoot casual and urban, close-ups, and full-length. 50+ images. $1000 minimum order.

All seniors must have their own transportation to the shoot. Feel free to bring a parent, friend, sibling, etc. along with you! If you would like your photo taken with a pet please let me know in advance so we can plan ahead. Session fees do not include any prints. Session fees are for the time spent shooting and digitally processing the photos.

Print prices (a la carte) - start at $30.

* Plus tax.


What is a senior photo session like?

Senior sessions are lively and full of energy. It is a chance for you to show the "True You" and have fun at the same time. My photography style is laid-back and I want you to feel free to express your ideas and let me know what you want in your senior portraits. Together we will figure out lots of different poses, etc. so you have a lot of great shots to choose from!

What should I wear to my senior session?

Once again, the goal is to show the "True You". Bring clothes that you feel comfortable in and that express your personality. Bring at least one "parent pleaser" outfit - this is usually an outfit that is a little dressier! Layered looks add interest and can change up the style, etc. of the photo. Lots of colors and textures work great with outdoor shoots. It's best to stay away from white and pastels because they do not photograph as well. I recommend you choose from a variety of styles to keep all of the shots fresh - casual and dressy: a long-sleeved sweater or shirt, a dress, jeans with a colored t-shirt or blouse, a jacket or cardigan ... the possibilities are endless. Don't forget the accessories: cool belts, hats, earrings, necklaces, etc. The key here is to bring lots and together we'll figure out what will work best! Keep in mind that we will sometimes be going to locations that don't have anywhere to change ... plan your outfits accordingly. Also - plan to bring a variety of colors - not just one palette (even if blue is your very most favorite color of all times it will get boring if all of your outfits are blue!). Also - stay away from stripes and plaids. They detract from the real subject of the photo - YOU! If all you have in your closet are stripes ... at least make sure they aren't horizontal! Please iron your clothes and bring them on hangers. Wrinkles will not look good in your photos. If you hang t-shirts, etc. inside-out it will keep the shoulders smooth. Make sure to group all of your outfits with their shoes, accessories, etc. Don't forget matching socks and shoes! They will be in some of the shots. Also - make sure to wear undergarments that match/work with all of your clothing (flesh colored is the best). Guys - if you want to wear a T-shirt underneath a dark shirt, keep it black or grey.

Can I have my photos taken with my pet?

Absolutely! I love pets! I only ask that you let me know in advance so I can plan accordingly. It's also best to make sure you bring someone along who can take care of the pet when it isn't being photographed.

What about props? Can I bring them?

Of course! The goal is to show the "True You", remember? Bring props that help define who you are. Some popular choices are: any kind of sports equipment, music instruments, vehicles, etc. Once again, let me know in advance so I can plan accordingly!

Can I bring a friend or a parent along?

Sure! I love to have a "photographer's assistant". Just make sure whoever it is you will feel comfortable posing around.

I wear glasses ... can I wear them in my photos?

Glasses do not photograph well because of the glare. If you want to wear your glasses during the shoot, please contact your eye doctor in advance to get a pair of frames without glass. If that's not possible, I will do my best to avoid glare, but it will limit some of the shots taken.

Should I go to the tanning salon/get a haircut/color, etc. right before my shoot?

It is recommended that you keep your tanning to a minimum. Avoid sunburn and peeling skin - it will not photograph well. It is recommended that a new hairstyle, and/or color be made around 1-2 weeks before the shoot to avoid that "fresh cut" look. Do make sure that if you color your hair the roots are touched up.

How will we be able to get the closeup shots needed for the yearbook, etc. without a studio session?

You will have plenty of looks to choose from for the yearbook, for your parents, for grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Don't worry! We will reschedule if needed. I will do my best to get your shoot rescheduled for that same week.

When will my photos be ready for viewing?

Your photos will be retouched and be ready for your ordering appointment in approximately 2-3 weeks.  One of your images may end up on the website or facebook within 2-3 days of your shoot so make sure to check for those!

Any other questions? Please email me at! I'm looking forward to your photo shoot!

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